Mashup Remix & VIdeo edit by Robin Skouteris

http://www.robinskouteris.com ♫ DOWNLOAD the Robin Skouteris albums & mixes here: https://goo.gl/GV8c1z No copyright infringement intended. For promotion purposes only. Some things you should know about #PopLove: ♫ 24 songs and some extra samples. ♫ Its not representing the biggest hits of the year necessarily based on charts. Its just a collection of recent pop hits that fitted together and worked well in my head. I was not trying to balance the artists either, i went with whatever structure felt right. It has songs mostly from 2012 and then some extras. The point was to make a single track that represents the pop scene of today. No rules. ;) ♫ If you like it, please share it around and subscribe for more mixes! ;)